YP Letters: Who’s paying the bill for former spy’s NHS care?

How should the treatment of overseas patients be funded?
How should the treatment of overseas patients be funded?
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From: Philip Crowther, Bingley.

IT has been demonstrated that our NHS is one of the poorest examples of a health system at recovering its costs from non-contributors when compared against any comparable system in the world (The Yorkshire Post, April 3).

For us UK taxpayers who meet the costs, and are likely to be affected by any future ring-fenced levy alluded to in the news, we see overseas visitors get the help they need without having to provide a credit card payment. Therefore, as we now have the good news that one member of the Skripal family is recovering thanks to our wonderful NHS, can we know who is picking up the tab? What with medical treatment and I should imagine substantial security arrangements, the cost will be significant. If the Skripals are unable to meet this cost by way of savings, insurance or other means, will the bill be sent to the Kremlin?