YP Letters: Why build link to a poor airport built in the wrong place?

An aerial view of Leeds Bradford Airport.
An aerial view of Leeds Bradford Airport.
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From: Mr AB Collier, Gordon Road, Bridlington.

THE proposed rail link to serve Leeds Bradford Airport is long overdue (Tom Richmond, The Yorkshire Post, December 17).

But it will link to what is a very poor airport, which became classed as ‘international’. How, I will never know!

Having flown from Heathrow, Gatwick, Luton, East Midlands, Manchester and Humberside, they all push Leeds Bradford into being third rate.

It is the highest in the country and as such is subject to adverse weather conditions.

It just is simply in the wrong place.

Any future investment etc should be directed to Finningley (Doncaster Sheffield) where it could become truly international with better roads and a potential rail link to the terminal, with massive potential for expansion. Try getting to Leeds Bradford by road from the East Riding of Yorkshire. It’s a nightmare!

Some time ago, my wife and I, on a flight from Jersey to Leeds Bradford, landed around 7.30pm.

It was late autumn and just getting dark, with light rain falling.

The aircraft was ushered in right at the very end of the main building. It was very noticeable that there weren’t any other aircraft to be seen. The whole place was in darkness.

We (as directed) went on a zig zag walk of some considerable distance along the Tarmac towards the terminal building.

Some passengers had walking problems.

After walking the whole length of the building, we finally reached the carousel – be it the furthest one away I might add!

Because of the distance from aircraft to the carousel we had to wait over 20 minutes for any luggage to appear.

At last we made it, waiting for our pre-arranged taxi to the East Riding.

Now if you do the crime, you do the time in prison. But then you are released, without having to pay an exit fee. Not at Leeds Bradford – you have to pay to leave the place. Shame on you.

I do also remember, before our outward flight, we purchased a drink and a snack, paying an exorbitant price.

We had to clear a table ourselves as they were all cluttered with dirty cups and plates.

It could well be that the catering is franchised out, but surely the airport authorities should monitor such things?

And, lastly, we couldn’t find the drop off point because there wasn’t one. Come on! Yes we enjoyed the bit between departure and arrival. We may well return to Jersey. But not from Leeds Bradford.