YP Letters: Why I’m not going the extra mile for Sport Relief

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From: Hugh Rogers, Messingham Road, Ashby.

IN all sincerity, I cannot claim that the South Yorkshire 
Eating Disorders Association, 
the Women’s Resource 
Centre or indeed any of the 30-odd Yorkshire based “good causes” listed as beneficiaries of last year’s Comic Relief 
are particularly close to my heart.

Much the same applies to Children in Need because, to me, it is manifestly unclear what children are involved or what they need – an unsatisfactory state of affairs because really I think I should know, in advance, and in fairly particular terms, what my money will be spent on. Giving via any of these megafundraisers might be fun, but it is a very inefficient way of channelling my money to where I want it to go.

If I wanted help sick children, for example, I would give money directly to a charity which specialises in that area. To me, there seems no point in giving it to someone else and hoping that they feel the same way I do. Because, good people though they undoubtedly are, they probably have other priorities.

As a result the likelihood is that only a tiny percentage of my original donation will find its way to the cause I really want to help. So I’m sorry, Sport Relief, but I am afraid I do not feel able to support you this year.