YP Letters: Why is the PM silent on EU corruption?

Readers have their say on the EU referendum.
Readers have their say on the EU referendum.
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From: Mrs F Whiteley, Bilton in Ainsty.

YOUR correspondent RPN Outhwaite (The Yorkshire Post, May 16) asks what reforms the Prime Minister achieved during his numerous negotiations in Europe. The simple answer is sod all, otherwise he would have been blowing his trumpet up and down the land.

He has had to fall back on prophesies of Biblical plagues interspersed with gloom and doom for the British nation. He’s beginning to sound like Fraser in Dad’s Army.

But I have another question to which no one seems to know the answer; indeed the Remains never ever mention it, and that is why have the EU’s accounts not been signed off for the last 20 years? A commercial company would have been hung out to dry.

Given Dave’s recent blitz on corruption, I’m rather surprised he never mentioned the one organisation that is corrupt and rotten to the core – the EU.

From: John Dodd, Belton, Doncaster.

I HAVE composed a draft for the next Queen’s speech following the referendum if the vote goes to Remain. That is if she is still allowed a say. “My government will continue to do whatever the European Commission bureaucrats either decide or condescendingly allow it do.” This can be used ad infinitum.

From: Peter Wilson, East Lane, Moor Monkton, York.

TO re-quote Maggie Thatcher’s words, David Cameron and his Tory pro-EU clique are frit! They are not prepared to expose their claims of an EU net benefit to the UK to public scrutiny and examination. They talk nationally of the need for less government and less bureaucracy but inconsistently then wish to expose us to the additional level of ever increasing, uncontrollable and excessively intrusive EU government and bureaucracy.

From: Karl Sheridan, Selby Road, Holme on Spalding Moor.

IF the majority vote is to stay in the EU then, I can almost guarantee that we will have lost the greatest chance in our lifetime to reclaim our true place in the world, further to that I would almost guarantee that multi-culturalism will hit us so hard that our NHS will struggle, our education system will struggle and our manufacturing base will be a thing of the past.

From: M Dobson, Feversham Crescent, York.

IF Britain votes to leave the EU, would that mean that we can also leave the Eurovision Song Contest? That would be a real win-win result.

From: David Downs, Sandal, Wakefield.

HAVING watched the Eurovision Song Contest, the resultant voting totally exemplified our status and respect in Europe. While our offering may not have been the best, it was as good as 90 per cent of the field and under no circumstances did it deserve to be third from the bottom.

From: Alan Chapman, Bingley.

BARACK Obama’s recent visit could be summed as follows: American President blackmails UK electors to vote Remain, as it suits the US foreign policy.

Will you vote as Obama tells you?

From: David Lee, Caistor, Lincolnshire.

DAVID Cameron and others appear only to make their (usually) threatening comments to selected audiences. As we know from Prime Minister’s Questions, he never, or rarely, answers questions raised and is only interested in scoring points, not in answering points.

From: Hugh Rogers, Ashby.

THE blind panic being shown by all those authority figures now that it seems quite possible that we will vote to leave Europe reminds me of the halcyon days of Millennium Bug-ridden 1999. We will plunge into “technical” recession, shares will plummet, millions of us will lose our jobs and we will be cutting ourselves off from the rest of the world. Piffle! The average British citizen won’t notice any difference in his or her daily life at all.

From: Peter Bye, Addingham.

IT seems if we leave the EU there is a strong chance of a war in Europe and a possibility that the entire financial structure of the world will collapse. No doubt next week there will be predictions of starvation, plague and volcanoes. I can hardly wait.

From: Arthur Quarmby, Holme.

IF Britain takes back its independence, David Cameron says this would lead to the outbreak of the Third World War. Is this the action of a wholly logical person, let alone the leader of a country?

From: Dave Croucher, Pinfold Gardens, Doncaster.

WE are the only EU member who sticks to the rules, other countries have deported illegal immigrants, but we can’t do so without EU approval.

From: Iain Morris, Saltaire.

WHO runs this country is everyone who wakes up and does a day’s work, and that won’t alter whoever is in power.

From; Bob Heys, Bar Lane, Sowerby Bridge.

DAVID Cameron’s concern regarding the financial consequences for Yorkshire should Britain leave the European Union (“Region could lose £266m loans lifeline if we quit EU”, The Yorkshire Post, May 14) is welcome, if somewhat belated.

I voiced similar misgivings in a letter published in your columns over two months ago (March 4).

From: Thomas Jefferson, Alexandra Place, Bridlington.

SHOULD we join? Surely the question (Michael Dobbs, The Yorkshire Post, May 14) we should ask ourselves as we contemplate the vote in or out of the European Union is this: If we were not in already, would we want to apply to join?