YP Letters: Why Ryedale’s anti-fracking campaigners are misguided

Is it time for some realism over fracking and energy security?
Is it time for some realism over fracking and energy security?
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From: Paul Morgan, Canberra View, Barton-Upon-Humber.

IT has been interesting to read the pro-fracking letters from Lorraine Allanson, a resident and business owner in Ryedale. She has raised valid points, some of which have been raised before in your columns, but have not received a direct response from your anti-fracking correspondents.

Fracking is coming. The only way it will not happen is if it proves not to be viable commercially. The current government, democratically- elected with fracking in its manifesto, has decided it is a strategic industry. The MP for the area covering Ryedale was elected with a huge majority on the same manifesto. As far as I am aware, there are no councillors covering the Ryedale area who have been elected on an anti-fracking manifesto.

Because of this, I believe the anti-fracking protesters are doing the residents of Ryedale no favours. They may be able to delay, and therefore increase uncertainty and prolong the process, but they will not be able to stop it. Far better to accept the inevitable, and concentrate efforts on getting the best possible mitigations and financial compensation for the affected communities, and be looking for ways to maximise the business and job opportunities for local people.