YP Letters: Wise words on St George, a symbol of unity

Leeds imam Qari Asim.
Leeds imam Qari Asim.
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From: Mr E Naisbitt, Kings Meadows, Sowerby, Thirsk.

I HAVE been a keen daily reader of your paper for very many years but I do not remember ever being so impressed by any of your columnists’ articles as I was by Qari Asim’s very timely piece headed “St George stands for values that unite our nation” (The Yorkshire Post, April 22).

This ought to be compulsory reading for everyone in England, whatever their cultural background, particularly those of the far right who try to impose their extremist views about immigration and “Englishness” on the rest of us under the flag of St George.

As I approach my 70th birthday, I am ashamed to admit that much of what Qari Asim related about St George’s life and historical associations had completely passed me by.

Meanwhile, thank you to Qari Asim for educating me about our much neglected patron saint – I shall remember his day much more appreciatively in future.

From: Mrs T Dowson, Ripon.

IF only all politicians and Muslims spoke as much sense as your columnist Qari Asim, then Britain would not be in such a mess because of religious segregation.

Thank you for publishing his pieces, I hope you continue to do so.