YP Letters: Yorkshire desperately needs a voice to protect its interests

Emley Moor - who is speaking up for Yorkshire?
Emley Moor - who is speaking up for Yorkshire?
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From: Nigel Sollitt, Chairman, Yorkshire Devolution Movement, Peter Lane, York.

WHATEVER people’s views on the EU referendum, failure to plan for the outcome by both sides has left the country as a whole, and Yorkshire in particular, in a very perilous position.

Scotland, Wales and even London have the institutions to allow them to speak up for their own interests. Yorkshire has no voice and will once again be seen as a soft touch to bear the brunt of any pain that may be inflicted by the next government in the name of stabilisation, austerity or whatever. We shouldn’t expect most mainstream politicians to stand up for Yorkshire as all they seem capable of doing is squabbling amongst themselves.

We desperately need a voice for Yorkshire. Who is willing to step up?

From: Bob Swallow, Settle.

THE Tories are in disarray, the Socialists in terminal decline and England have lost to Iceland. How much worse can it get?

My wife and I both voted 
for ‘leave’ in the referendum. 
Not for ourselves – rather 
for our children and grandchildren.

We saw out the Second World War and the fight the UK had to re-establish itself. We have been through recessions and the result of the antics of corrupt bankers.

This is going to take time, but we can see off the corrupt EU too. If Scotland wants to stay in with the reduced contributions from the remaining countries, then good luck to it!

From: Alec Denton, Guiseley.

AS time passes, I feel more and more frustrated by the situation the referendum has produced. The Tory and Labour parties are both divided, with neither looking fit to govern the country, but with no alternative in prospect; the ‘winners’ do not yet have had a plan in place and I am shocked that a major constitutional decision has apparently been made on the basis of a simple majority of those who voted, instead of the generally accepted two-thirds majority. Who was responsible for that decision?

From: Jarvis Browning, Main Street, Fadmoor, York.

IT will be hard to begin with, but we have got our democracy and sovereignty back. Had it been just for trade only, things might have been different, but the EU still wants to tell us what we can and what we can’t do. That is not democratic.

We had fought for our freedom before in those dark days of the 1940s. Now we have got it back. We all need to make the most of it for the better, so that we can once more be a Great Britain.