YP Letters: Yorkshire doesn’t need the EU for clean and sweet water

Have EU directives enhanced water quality in areas like Goole?
Have EU directives enhanced water quality in areas like Goole?
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From: Don Wood, Howden.

JOHN Turley (The Yorkshire Post, March 26) is being silly in his defence of the EU. No one was suggesting that clean water is not a good thing, but I would like to point out the Goole area had perfectly clean and sweet tasting water long before the Common Market came into being, never mind the EU.

In fact Goole’s water is nowhere near as nice now, it scales up kettles and leaves a scum in the cup when drinking tea without milk, unless the water has been filtered through a water filter.

Also as a keen angler, I can safely say that most of Yorkshires rivers were clean and very good fisheries again long before the EU. The exceptions being the River Don and River Aire and their tributaries, which were polluted by industrial waste.

However it is debatable how much the EU directive had on cleaning up these rivers, the fact that the polluting industries have all been closed down and moved to the EU or China has had a much bigger effect.

From: Thomas Jefferson, Batty Lane, Howden, Goole.

THE Lords Adonis and Wallace (The Yorkshire Post, March 24) wish to abandon Brexit.

The electorate does not agree with them as otherwise the Lib Dems, being the only mainstream party to hold that view, would have formed a government in May last year.

It didn’t happen and there has been no “game-changing” event since then to alter public opinion significantly.

The eventual Brexit agreement will be a compromise that pleases very few of us but will be approved by both Houses of Parliament, as the risks of rejecting it will be too dangerous for the moderate majority of MPs to contemplate.

Not only would a rejection disrespect the referendum result, but the Government would fall and the political
cards would be thrown in the air with no guarantee that they would land in a way that would enable a stable government to be formed.

The moderate majority do not want political turmoil and these two lords should stop their machinations.

From: Keith Brooks, Hedley Crescent, Wakefield.

AFTER we leave the European Union, I hope to see letters from John Cole and other Remainers come from their beloved EU where they have relocated to.

For my part on the day we leave, I shall take great pleasure in making a bonfire of that detested blue flag with yellow stars.