YP Letters: Yorkshire lagging behind over food recycling

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From: Elaine Fretwell-Munns, Kirkdale Court, Kirkbymoorside.

HAVING moved 18 months ago to North Yorkshire, I contacted Ryedale about the poor recycling options in the county compared to Surrey where I previously lived. I expressed my dismay at the inability for us to recycle food waste.

I struggle with the only option I have, that is to put my food waste into the general waste bin.

I was reassured 18 months ago that things would soon change, but I still see no signs of any change. I also now work in the hospitality industry and I am dismayed at the lack of recycling facilities for food and other waste from our hotels.

In the current climate, our present Government is continually arguing that we need to find new ways of accessing renewable energy, and have made such an issue of fracking ,that they are railroading any public opinion in order to pursue this programme. Yet, with an energy resource available at their fingertips, they do very little.

Isn’t it time Ryedale got its act together and took the protection of our environment seriously? In the UK, we throw away seven million tonnes of food waste every year. Therefore we need to be recycling our food waste effectively, to the benefit of our planet, and its population, and not using landfill as the only alternative.