YP Letters: Yorkshire’s beauty sacrificed to the frackers

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From: Wendy Cross, Waterside Road, Beverley.

TO follow up on Sue Cuthbert’s letter (Farming vs Fracking, The Yorkshire Post, March 2).

In your weekend Magazine, personalities who have been born here or have settled here are often asked about their favourite Yorkshire “things to do” with visitors to the area.

You ask what should be shown to such visitors? Which features of the landscape and beauty spots?

In order to help conserve the above, please will you publish a dedicated page in your magazine, on which you show a map of the “Yorkshire sacrifice zone”, the area divided up into parcels of land already licensed to fracking companies for extreme fossil fuel exploitation?

The map is extensive. Concealment of the impending industrialisation will be impossible.

The Yorkshire Post is an influential and persuasive ambassador for the beauty of the area. I hope you and your readers will concede that we are about to lose much, if not most, of that beauty.