Otter for Easter

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Christmas is not over yet but staff at Bettys are already planning for Easter.

Lesley Norris, product development manager, is pictured working on a Bettys milk chocolate otter. The otter is one of the company’s Easter novelties for 2014, which has the theme of the English riverbank.

The otter was designed by Lesley, is handmade from Grand Cru Swiss Milk Chocolate and will be selling for £20.

A spokeswoman for Bettys said yesterday: “The Easter specialities go on sale in February.

“They will start making some of the novelties like the otter in January. Easter and Christmas create a lot of extra work for our craft bakery and confectioners, as we continue to produce our year-round specialities as well, so we have to plan well in advance to ensure we can have everything ready in good time.” (GL1001/52c). picture: gary longbottom.