Our hard-working teachers are easy targets

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From: Carl Duck, 
Newbegin, Hornsea.

I REALLY have to object to a comment in Sarah Todd’s article “...the old fashioned ones left for whom it’s a vocation rather than a cushy number with long holidays” (The Yorkshire Post, August 2).

I am not a teacher, but my wife is; she works in Hull. She gets paid about £32,000 per year. I would say on average she works about 55 to 60 hours per week during term time. Her holidays also include very long stints of preparation.

I don’t know what Sarah Todd’s definition of “an old fashioned one” is, but all the other teachers we know do the same amount of work. My wife is 36 and is not old fashioned, but loves her job, is professional, deals with Ofsted requirements, changes to the curriculum, child protection and safeguarding, etc, etc, on a daily basis.

It really, really annoys me that you publish such unsubstantiated comment.

As a rural county newspaper, you could say teachers are a bit like farmers and easy targets – all the hard work and long hours goes unnoticed because the majority pick up their kids from school or buy their milk without thinking about how much effort goes into the process. Yorkshire, as we all know, is not all muffins and afternoon tea in Harrogate. It is much more than that.