Outraged shopkeeper posts online warning to ‘thief’

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OFFERS of help have flooded in after a greengrocer posted a warning online to a woman alleged to have stolen a pensioner’s purse.

The 89-year-old fell victim to a criminal who stole the purse from her bag while she was in Rafters shop on Middle Street, Driffield.

Andy Rafter was so outraged he placed a warning on the social network Facebook which said: “To the female that just stole a purse from the bag of an 89 year old lady in our shop an hour ago I suggest you go buy some hair dye. I have a perfect CCTV image of you which I have just handed to the police #yourenicked.”

The message quickly went viral and was shared to thousands of internet users. One child even donated her £1 pocket money. Police have taken the image and circulated it to neighbouring forces.