Over 1,200 chase just nine jobs at new DFS store

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A WAVE of job seekers inundated furniture firm DFS when it advertised nine jobs at a soon-to-open store.

More than 1,200 people applied for positions at the retail giant’s new Longwell Green outlet, 
in Bristol, which opens on April 13.

The massive numbers applying ensured the firm was able to pick its new line-up from a large pool of potential talent.

Andy Amso, manager of a DFS store in Highwood Lane, Bristol, said: “It has been fantastic. I’m very happy with the result.

“We have got the team we 

The large number of applicants for the nine jobs on offer mean that there were more than 133 people chasing each available position.

DFS regional controller Adam Hankinson said he was surprised by the number of job applicants, not just in Bristol but around the UK.

“We were surprised at first but this is a trend we have been witnessing around the country as new stores open,” he told his local newspaper..

“We understand this is a difficult time for people looking for jobs with the economy as it is.

“It’s been a tough few years for the retail sector in general, so when a job does come up there are naturally a lot of experienced candidates out there,” said Mr Hankinson.

“But in the end you can only pick the best so we came away with what is hopefully a very strong team of people dedicated to retail.”

The jobs market has been a persistently bright spot in the UK economy ever since the start of the credit crisis in 2008.

Despite two recessions and slow economic growth overall unemployment still stands at a relatively low 7.8 per cent, or 2.52 million people.

Youth unemployment is an exception, however, with the numbers aged 16-24 without a job making up 993,000 of the overall total.

Retailers finding that they have more applicants than jobs available is far from being an isolated phenomenon.

More than 4,000 people flocked to a recruitment fair for a new £84m shopping centre in Hampshire earlier this month.

Long queues formed outside the event which was staged to recruit the 1000 people needed for the new Whiteley centre, which opens in May.