Over 60 years of visits

THE Queen’s visit to York yesterday was the latest in a series of tours of the historic city which stretch back more than 60 years.

She undertook an official visit before she was crowned as the monarch when she arrived on July 28, 1949, at the end of the Royal Tour of Yorkshire.

Her first visit since her accession was on July 10, 1957, when she went to York Minster, the Assembly Rooms and the Mansion House. She was in York again on June 28, 1971, to mark the 1,900th anniversary since it was founded by the Romans.

The Queen’s previous Maundy Thursday visit was on March 30, 1972, and she was back in her Silver Jubilee year in 1977. On May 16, 1983, she visited Imphal Barracks and was at the re-dedication of York Minster’s Rose Window in 1988, after the blaze four years earlier. She was back on July 27, 2000, to mark the Millennium, and attended Royal Ascot in York in June 2005 while the Berkshire course was re-developed.