Over half of region’s adults refused credit

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ALMOST 55 per cent of adults in Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire are at risk of being declined credit by mainstream lenders, according to new research.

This compared to a national figure of 57 per cent, claimed the report, which was based on 2,000 consumers answering a typical industry credit check questionnaire.

It also revealed that, in general, women and young people have less access to credit, with seven in 10 women and eight in ten 18 to 24-year-olds failing to meet the criteria lenders typically look for.

The research, which was commissioned by credit card firm aqua, also claimed that a third of people in full- time jobs, two-thirds of people in part-time jobs and 32 per cent who earn more than £50,000 were in danger of being declined credit.

The report found that three-quarters of people have no idea what their credit score is, and half don’t know how to improve it.

Sarah Willingham, founder of 
letssavesomemoney.com, which supported the report, said: “Finding out that a massive 25 million people are at risk of being declined credit due to a poor credit score is extremely alarming.”