Oxford students vote in favour of higher fees

OXFORD students have come out in support of controversial plans to hike university tuition fees, in stark contrast to the mood on campuses around the country.

While 50,000 students and lecturers joined angry protests against the increase last week, undergraduates at the university's prestigious Christ Church College voted in favour of it.

The college's junior common room held an emergency general meeting to discuss the contentious issue as members thought the college "should have a position" on it.

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The motion was passed when 21 students at the elite college voted in favour of raising fees while 14 voted against and four abstained.

But the majority disagreed with Government plans to make swingeing cuts to university budgets.

It is feared that under the plans, leading universities like Oxford and Cambridge would raise fees the full amount, to 9,000, deterring all but the richest from applying.