Paedophile jailed for Facebook grooming of Huddersfield schoolgirl

A PAEDOPHILE who groomed a Huddersfield schoolgirl on Facebook and then drove hundreds of miles so he could sexually abuse her in West Yorkshire has been given a 15-year extended prison sentence.

Mark Pullin’s latest victim, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, was driven to a secluded location, locked in his car and sexually assaulted.

After forcing the 15-year-old to perform a sexual act on him Pullin threw £90 at the girl and told her get out, Bradford Crown Court heard yesterday.

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The 45-year-old told the youngster to keep her mouth shut and said the police would think she was a prostitute because he had given her money.

Judge Jonathan Durham Hall, QC, said the innocent victim had suffered horribly since her ordeal in April last year.

He said the youngster’s life had descended into isolation, she was scared to go out and had self-harmed.

“You have, as you appreciate in your letter, abused a totally innocent and vulnerable victim,” the judge told Pullin.

The court heard that Pullin, of Seymour Road, Bristol, had previously been made the subject of five-year risk of sexual harm order in Worthing after he had sexual intercourse with a 14-year-old girl he met through an internet chat-room.

He had also tried to have sex with another 15-year-old girl in a public toilet in Eastbourne.

Prosecutor, Patricia Doherty, said after breaching the risk order twice Pullin was eventually jailed for 27 months in 2009.

The court heard that Pullin, whose middle name is Thomas, used the name Mark Thomas to contact the Huddersfield teenager at the beginning of 2011.

In April last year he drove up to Huddersfield and picked up the girl and one of her friends before driving to a secluded area.

When the other girl got out to use her mobile phone Pullin locked the doors and threatened to drive away with his victim unless she performed a sex act on him.

During the girl’s ordeal Pullin also touched her breast under her clothing.

After dumping the girl Pullin contacted her by phone saying she would get into trouble if she went to the police.

A police inquiry began after the girl told a teacher and at one point the girl managed to obtain a mobile phone number from him which helped to track him down.

Pullin was eventually arrested at his home in Bristol and at a previous court hearing he admitted offences of sexual assault, inciting a child to engage in sexual activity, meeting a child after sexual grooming and two breaches of the risk of sexual harm order.

In a letter to the judge Pullin indicated that he was willing to be put on a chemical castration course, but Judge Durham Hall said he no power to make such an order.

The judge branded Pullin a “predatory paedophile” who posed a clear and present risk to young children.

He said the case contained all the aggravating features imaginable including grooming, threats, a degree of abduction and use of a vulnerable child for sexual reasons.

“You told her she couldn’t go to the police because you had given her money and she’d be viewed as prostitute and there you left her dumped having used her ignominiously,” the judge told Pullin.

Pullin’s sentence includes a seven-year jail term, but he will then be subject to licence for an extended period of eight years.

The judge also banned him from ever working with children, imposed an indefinite sexual offences prevention order and told Pullin he would have to register as a sex offender with the police for life.