Pageant commentators captured the mood of the day

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From: Ken Dransfield, Firs Grove, Harrogate.

REGARDING the Jubilee pageant, I refer to what Austin Mitchell had to say about the armada of ships on the Thames. His view was that the BBC coverage was “pathetic” and that the flotilla featured “tatty boats”.

Is that how you describe, for example, the little boats representing those sailed bravely to evacuate our troops at Dunkirk? Or the Maori boat from New Zealand. Or, indeed, any of the other hundreds of boats proudly there as part of a people’s tribute to our Queen?

I wonder if Mr Mitchell would have preferred a display as in Russia’s Red Square or something similar to what is put on in Beijing and North Korea?

Then Stephen Fry judging the commentary on the BBC and being arrogantly critical. Though much was done by lesser-known commentators they were, in my view, representative of the mood of the day – ordinary people paying a tribute to Her Majesty.

Thirdly, it was a surprise to see the leader of a Republican movement being allowed an interview. Almost immediately I was reminded of the scene in A Christmas Carol where the nephew is greeting his uncle “A Merry Christmas” – only to hear the reply “Humbug”.

I could only assume that that man would probably be a candidate for President and the notion was quite unattractive. Looking around the world at the republics I see only divisions in those nations.

The Queen, on the other hand, represents us all as demonstrated over these past few days. A republic – no, thank you.

From: James A Fergusson, Grange Park, Baildon, Shipley.

I COULD hardly believe my own ears when I heard a reporter on BBC Look North solemnly refer to the Jubilee celebrations as marking 60 years of the Queen’s “servitude”. Servitude! I wonder if the reporter meant “service”?

My dictionary defines servitude as “the state of being a slave or under the complete control of someone more powerful” or, more succinctly, slavery. The BBC should be more careful in its use of words.

Let us all rejoice in the Queen’s service to the nation and remind ourselves of the value of our cherished freedom. We must never forget the sacrifices made to retain that freedom and ensure we are not a nation “in servitude”.

From: Tim Mickleburgh, Boulevard Avenue, Grimsby.

The possibility of having President Blair is cited as one reason for sticking with the Royal family. But if you have a kind of PR system, then you can ensure that any head of state must have the support of at least half those who go to vote. What’s more, if he or she has a limited term then they can be booted out should they become unpopular.

The trouble with the monarchy is that there is not a democratic way of getting rid of an unliked ruler. And though I accept the Queen is widely admired, that certainly can’t have been said about some of her ancestors over the centuries.

From: Andrew Mercer, Guiseley.

JUST think how many libraries could have been saved if the country did not have to pay for the concert featuring ageing has-been musicians outside Buckingham Palace.

From: DW Gardom, Herringthorpe, Rotherham.

I SUSPECT a few people will disagree when I suggest that the two finest interviewers on TV are Sir Michael Parkinson and Alan Titchmarsh – both Yorkshiremen who no longer live in the county.

I thought the latter’s interview on TV with the Royal family was brilliant. Alan could hardly have spoken less than he did in the whole programme.

Could it be they practise the old Yorkshire saying: “If tha’s nought to say worth saying keep thi gob shut!”

After he had asked a three or four word question a camera shot saw him smiling, nodding his head and listening. Brilliant.

From: DS Boyes, Rodley Lane, Leeds.

HAVING watched most of the Jubilee celebrations, the Labour anti-Monarchy/Republican element was thankfully conspicuous by its absence.

Given half a chance, they would have this country become just another European republican region, because they hate our nationality, history, traditions, culture and established Church, ie all that Her Majesty the Queen stands for on our behalf... The future of us all is in the good hands of Queen Elizabeth and her heirs and successors: Long may she, and they, reign.