Panda-moan-ium as giant falls ill

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One of the UK’s two giant pandas has been removed from public show temporarily after suffering from colic.

Male panda Yang Guang started feeling ill less than a month after he and female panda Tian Tian went on display at their new home at Edinburgh Zoo.

Zoo bosses said the bear’s illness was not serious but can cause discomfort. The eight-year-old animal, which started displaying symptoms within the last couple of days, was being kept away from public view to let it recover.

Visitors may not see much of him over the next few days but zoo officials said his condition will be monitored and he could be back on show soon.

Iain Valentine, director of research and conservation at the zoo, said: “Yang Guang is not on show as he has an episode of colic. It’s not very serious but can cause some discomfort.

“He’s on medication to relieve this and we’re mainly keeping him relaxed and indoors, although we expect he’ll go out sometimes to stretch his legs.

“These episodes can sometimes last up to a couple of weeks, so he may not always be on show over the next week or so.

“Alison, our panda team leader, and the veterinary department are keeping a close eye on him. Having talked with our colleagues in China, they reassure us this is not uncommon in pandas.”