‘Paranoid’ prisoner jailed for wounding

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A prisoner attacked a fellow inmate at Wakefield Jail with a home-made weapon formed from a toothbrush and two razor blades.

Steven Fox, 44, was serving an indeterminate sentence for public protection with a minimum of 12 years 205 days for attempted murder when he injured Alexander Yeomans in the sewing shop at the prison on July 19 last year.

Patrick Gallagher, prosecuting, told Leeds Crown Court yesterday Yeomans suddenly felt something being drawn across his throat and when he touched it realised he had blood on his hands.

He then turned and saw Fox behind him holding something in his hands at shoulder height. He called to prison officers for help and when Fox started to move towards him again he kept him at bay with chairs and a desk.

Officers grabbed Fox who was found to have a weapon made from a toothbrush handle which had two razor blades attached to the end with Clingfilm and sticky tape. Yeomans was treated in the prison hospital.

Fox told officers he had been calling him a “grass” and he thought was going to attack him so “did” him first. Later he said he thought he was going to be attacked and had been carrying round his home-made weapon for about two weeks.

Vincent Deane, representing Fox, who appeared over a video link, said he suffered from a paranoid personality disorder and was fine when on treatment but when not being treated believed people were out to get him.

He was facing a transfer to Frankland Prison where he hoped to be treated by the psychiatric staff, and was not due for any parole hearing for another nine years.

Fox, 44, admitted unlawful wounding and was jailed for three years.