Parents must pitch in to stop football’s decline

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From: Brian H Sheridan, Redmires Road, Sheffield.

I READ with interest David T Craggs’s letter (The Yorkshire Post, April 10). It is indeed disheartening that more boys are turning their back on football. For the record, more girls are playing but that’s another story.

Even the least sports-minded individual would agree that playing proper football is much healthier than its electronic counterpart or any other electronic game.

Perhaps the Sports Minister should look no further than lazy parents. It is easier for parents to give children money for their own entertainment than to ferry them to football practices.

My five-year-old grandson is already enjoying football lessons. The sessions are highly organised and the tuition is sympathetic, with equal emphasis on sportsmanship, team work and skill.

The project is called SoccerEds. It is not free: the 
coaching and excellent equipment – including a seemingly unlimited supply of footballs – have to be paid for.

I remarked to a parent that things were very different in my childhood: we organised our own games in the street, park or playground.

Times have changed. Now It is up to parents to get kids off their backsides, even if it requires a lot of effort and a little expense.