Park friends on hunt for film and photos of bygone days

The Friends of Roundhay Park are on the hunt for archive film and photographs.

The group is currently working with Yorkshire Film Archive to produce a DVD to celebrate the park, in Roundhay, Leeds, as it used to be.

A spokesman for the Friends of Roundhay Park said: "We want footage and photographs taken by ordinary people visiting the park or attending events. We are also interested in the stories behind them.

"We ideally want material from before 1980 but there is really no time limit – so that would include such things as the Rolling Stones and other pop stars who gave concerts, mods and rockers in the park as well as older material such as Royal visits, children's day and the lido."

A photograph recently donated by Hannah Gardiner, of her father Alec, taken around 1928 when he was four years old, stirred memories of the time when children could have donkey rides in the park. Local residents believe the donkeys lived in the field below what is now Lakeview Court flats.

Photographs or film of such things as the rowing boats, the funfair, or just general snaps of life in the park are all required, together with a note of any recollections. Images can be returned.

E-mail or telephone 0113 293 2893.