Park the car for me, there’s a love!

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It is job that all motorists love to hate and a key plank of the driving test.

However new research shows that Britons are a nation of lousy parkers with many motorists abandoning it altogether and having to get someone else to do the job for them.

Others find it hard to park if someone is watching while 16 per cent have admitted to having had an accident when parking, the survey by insurance company Admiral found.

Based on responses from 2,000 motorists, the poll showed that 19 per cent admitted they had asked someone else to park for them, with women 23 per cent more likely than men (16 per cent) to seek help.

Four out of 10 confessed they had difficulty parking if people were looking on, while 17 per cent of men and 15 per cent of women had had an accident while parking.

Worryingly nearly one in five drivers confessed to having parked in a disabled parking space at some point, rather than find a conventional spot.

The survey also found:

• 21 per cent had had a row with someone over a parking space;

• 17 per cent had left a note on another car criticising the driver’s parking;

• 18 per cent admitted they had illegally used a disabled space in the past.

Admiral spokesman Justin Beddows said: “For something so essential to driving, it seems that parking is a big problem for a lot of motorists.

“As a nation, we get hot under the collar about the most trivial things.

“Is it really worth getting upset over how someone has parked?”