Parking charges will hit town

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From: Coun Stephen Baines, Wellgarth, Halifax.

I BELIEVE that the extension of car parking charges to 8pm every evening in Halifax town centre will be extremely damaging for the many restaurants and public houses as well as the theatres and other social and entertainment establishments.

These town centre businesses are already finding attracting customers difficult and parking charges for early evening customers will put car users off.

The Labour-Liberal Democrat council do not understand our local economy and have no plans to support Halifax town centre and their proposals to introduce extra parking charges will only make the situation worse.

Pot calling the kettle...

From: T M Driffield, Bagby, Thirsk.

I HAVE no sympathy with G4S, but I am fed up with sanctimonious politicians stating they must pay back the money they have taken to provide security at the 2012 games.

I do notice that there is a lack of politicians rushing to repay the money that they have squandered, in our name, on various pet projects. All parties are guilty of this.

I do not have the answer, but hopefully there are people more intelligent than I about.

More grown up

From: Brian Sheridan, Redmires Road, Sheffield.

LIKE M E Wright (Yorkshire Post, September 18), I used to enjoy Radio 3 Breakfast until likeable Sarah Mohr-Pietsch’s producer introduced the inane interactive twitter. The recent topic of voice-crushes, where listeners drool over singers that turn them on, makes me sick.

Essential Classics which follows, presented by Barnsley’s excellent Sarah Walker, is much more grown-up.