Parking confusion leads to fines

Drivers in Leeds were each fined £100 despite buying a parking ticket in Leeds.

Four motorists have vowed not pay as a matter of principal after having parked in a privately-managed pay & display car park opposite St James’s Hospital on Beckett Street.

The drivers had bought their tickets from a nearby Leeds City Council ticket machine, with the carpark, operated by UKCPS, situated between two council-run sites.

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Maureen Fox, 66, from Swarcliffe, said: “This car park is sandwiched between two LCP car parks, even charging the same amount - they are just waiting to trip us up.”

Asked if she read the signs that identify the UKCPS site as being privately run, she added: “Why would you be interested in reading all the signs when you have a hospital appointment? You just want to buy your ticket and get on your way.

“I displayed a ticket. This was quite clearly a mistake but I’ve been fined £100.”

Shaun Dolan, a market stall holder, and a 72-year-old driver from Meanwood, who did not want to be named, both claimed to have bought tickets from a council machine as the UKCPS one had been out of order.

Sean said: “It’s disgusting. They should have closed the car park if the machine wasn’t working or waived the fines that day.”

Billy Roberts, who like Mrs Fox simply went to the wrong machine, said: “I can’t believe when you try to be honest and do the correct thing it costs you a small fortune.”

Jim Whitehead of UKCPS, who said he would seek permission from the landowner to improve signage on ticket machines. Asked about the tickets issued to the two who made a mistake, he said they would have to appeal, adding: “I haven’t got a problem in getting rid of them.”

A Leeds City Council spokeswoman said they were aware of the confusion and warning notices had been placed on ticket machines in a bid to stop motorists making mistakes.