Paws for thought: Kitten Mia is overcoming abnormally large paws to find a new home

CAT lovers have been asked to cheer on a rescue kitten born with abnormally short front legs and huge paws as she searches for her forever home.

Mia the rescue kitten was born with huge paws

Mia was born to a very young cat that was rescued by Keighley-based Yorkshire Cat Rescue.

Her tiny sibling was sadly stillborn and although Mia pulled through, her foster carer quickly spotted that she had a serious paw problem.

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The charity has highlighted Mia’s case to show how they fight to give every cat the best chance of survival and, ultimately, of finding a loving home despite their challenges and differences.

Mia with her mother

Yorkshire Cat Rescue manager, Sam Davies said: “Mia was born just a few weeks after we rescued her mother. She has very short bones in her front legs and huge paws – something we haven’t seen before. It is a congenital defect which could be associated with inbreeding, or just plain bad luck.”

As a result of her abnormally large paws, Mia will need to be constantly monitored as she grows.

“When kittens have such obvious and visible birth defects, there is always a chance that they might suffer from other associated conditions which we can’t see,” said Ms Davies. “So we will be keeping a close eye on her over the coming weeks and months. Most likely, however, she will be a healthy and happy little kitten that will learn to cope with her condition as she grows up.”

Her journey will be chronicled on the charity’s Facebook page as she gets ready for a new home.

Mia with her mother

Ms Davies said: “We’ll be posting regular updates on Mia’s progress on our Facebook page so that our fans and followers can cheer her on as she grows. Her story helps tell the tale of how Yorkshire Cat Rescue takes in the young, the old, the sick and the wonky. All of them are given the care they need, for as long as it takes, until we find them a loving home.

“As a kitten she will be very adaptable to most home environments, but she might not ever be ready to take on the world outside. Still, she will make a very special companion that’s for sure.”