Pensioner robbed in own home days before his death

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A terminally ill pensioner died ten days after being attacked and robbed in his own home, a court heard.

Leslie Morgan, 75, encountered heroin addict Michael Fagge weeks after being discharged from hospital to spend his last days being looked after at his home in Wren Street, Paddock, Huddersfield.

He had already had a leg amputated in 2010 and suffered vascular problems before he was diagnosed with lung cancer towards the end of last year. He was considered too weak for chemotherapy.

On the evening of February 11 he heard a tapping noise and went in his wheelchair into the hall to investigate, finding Fagge, who was on licence from prison, coming out of his bedroom, Leeds Crown Court heard.

Robert Galley prosecuting, said Fagge grabbed the pensioner with a choke hold around his neck. He demanded money and threatened to kill his victim if he did not show him where his valuables were.

Mr Morgan said later he feared he was going to die because he could not breath properly and said he pleaded with his attacker not to hurt him.

Fagge eventually let go and snatched the gold chain the pensioner had around his neck. Mr Morgan was helpless as his attacker searched the room, pocketing a wallet containing £440 cash and jewellery, including four watches and four rings, which held sentimental value.

The pensioner was shocked and shaken by the experience, the court heard, and was taken to hospital with a bleeding thumb and given painkillers for bruising to his back and neck. He died in the early hours of February 21.

At the time of the offence Fagge was on licence, having been released from a five year jail sentence imposed for robbery and attempted robbery in 2011.

Fagge, 36, formerly of Elmwood Avenue, Huddersfield, admitted robbery and was jailed for eight years with an extended four years on licence after his release. He also asked for 21 other dishonesty offences to be taken into consideration.