Pensioner welcomes 38th great-grandchild

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Pensioner Barbara Gamston is celebrating after her family’s latest arrival made her a great- grandmother to 38 children.

Barbara Gamston, 78, has 27 grandchildren and recently welcomed great-grandchild number 38.

The latest in the clan is three- week-old Pixie-Rae Patrick, who was born to Barbara’s 23-year-old granddaughter Rosie Barlow.

But Mrs Gamston, from Masbrough, Rotherham, admitted: “I can’t remember all their names. I have to write them down on a calendar for birthdays and the like and there’s at least one birthday every month – and usually a few more.

“Sometimes my daughter has to remind me that there’s a birthday because I can never keep track. But it’s great having so many children around you. It keeps me active and my mind young.”

Mrs Gamston had seven children with her late husband Eric after they married in 1953 and the family began to grow again when her grandchildren began to arrive.

She said: “While it’s great having so many children in the family it can get a bit expensive. It does leave the old purse a bit light though and birthdays and Christmas can be murder.

“A lot of children don’t want presents any more so I give them money and I have to save up all year.

“I make sure I have a stash of sweets but it does go empty very quickly.

“I love children and I regularly cooked for the family at Christmas.”