People behind the clues

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From: Audrey Pape, Belvoir Street, Princes Avenue, Hull.

With reference to the archive photograph (Yorkshire Post, May 21) of Reg Parsley and especially Ann Remington Long, it was good to put names to faces.

I am an avid Yorkshire Post crossword solver and have been every day (except Sunday) for 40 years and hope to have many more.

I began to read Ann Remington Long’s mind and found her compilations became very easy for me, but now I find them challenging.

Please keep them coming, especially the one in the Wednesday supplement and prize crossword in the Saturday magazine.

Nature’s law

From: Paul Spivey, Church Street, Jump, Barnsley.

DOES Terry Duncan, who wrote criticising the RSPB (Yorkshire Post, May 7) for protecting the “villains”, not recognise the sparrow hawk and magpie are entitled to their right to exist?

What he observes in his garden just happens to be nature, red in tooth and claw and all the more wonderful for it. Some creatures have to eat others to survive. They have no choice – unlike some creatures we could mention!

Heart unit plea

From: Janet E Rowntree, Escrick, York.

It is essential to keep heart surgery units open in Leeds.

Travelling long distances when ill, or when visiting patients in hospital, adds enormous strain. It places lives in jeopardy and increased the burden on our already overstretched, but generally excellent, medical staff.

Unfair cop

From: Peter J Teal, Union Road, Thorne, Doncaster.

I FEEL your correspondent Ken Holmes (Yorkshire Post, May 18) is missing the point with his comments on Grahame Maxwell, Chief Constable of North Yorkshire. This senior officer, at the end of the day, is after all in a position of trust, and, as such, it was not correct to use his status to support the individual concerned in a job application.