People think this chicken looks like Donald Trump (maybe that's why it was crossing the road)

POLICE who tweeted about rescuing a cockerel from a motorway were inundated with messages saying the bird looked like Donald Trump's hair.

The chicken that crossed the road, and Donald Trump

West Yorkshire Police posted a message saying: “This is who we rescued today from M62 at Lofthouse” along with a picture of the bird with bright orange plumage.

The police had rescued the cockerel from the central reservation of the motorway in West Yorkshire at around 7pm on Tuesday.

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But followers shied away from chicken-crossing-the-road jokes and instead saw the resemblance between the unfortunate bird and the Republican presidential nominee.

One follower said: “Donald Trump’s hairpiece?”

Another added: “That chicken nicked Donald Trump’s hair.”

It is understood the chicken is recovering well from its ordeal.