Cricketer and taxi driver Asif Ali who smashed his own car windscreen after hitting six forced to take time off work

The cricketer who went viral after a video showed the moment he smashed the windscreen of his own car with a six has revealed he has been left unable to work and with a £200 bill.

Taxi driver Asif Ali said the now infamous shot, which "felt great" when it came off his bat, has left him unable to work and with a £200 bill.

He was playing for the club against Sowerby's St Peter's in the Halifax Cricket League Crossley Shield Quarter Final on Sunday.

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He hit a "massive six" according to the club, before the ball travelled all the way to the car park and through the rear windscreen of his Vauxhall Zafira ecoflex car, which he uses as a taxi.

Asif Ali has seen the funny side of his six

The 38-year-old dad-of-two from Halifax, added: "I drive for work so I obviously can't do that at the moment. I'm trying to get it fixed as quickly as possible so that I can get back to it but no one has been able to come out yet.

"Hopefully it will get fixed today or tomorrow (Jun 22). I've spoken to a few places and it will cost about £200 for a new one."

Asif has also spoken briefly about the lead up to the match and the shot itself.

He said: "When I parked there before the game I thought it was a good place. I never even imagined I might end up getting hit with a shot - let alone my own."

The damage done to Asif Ali's car

Asif, who has been playing cricket for 15 years, added: "The shot felt great coming off my bat, I knew it was going to be a big one. But as I saw it going towards the cars I said 'no, no, no'.

"I realised quite quickly that it was going to either my car or a white Mercedes next to me. Then the ball just smashed through the windscreen - I couldn't believe it.

"After that, it was really hard to focus on the game because I was thinking, 'what have I done? I've done it to my own car?' I was in shock."

Asif lives in Halifax with his wife and two sons, who were watching a live stream of the game online.

He said: "My wife and children said to me, 'what are you doing? You've smashed your own car'. They couldn't believe what I had done."

Despite losing the game and being left out of pocket, Asif said he could see the funny side.

He added: "I understand why people like the video, it's not something you see every day."