On this day in Yorkshire

Forged Cup-tie tickets: two arrests at Hull

On This Day in Yorkshire

February 27, 1949

WITHIN a few hours of the disclosure that many forged tickets were in circulation for the Hull City v Manchester United Cup-tie at Boothferry Park today, Hull CID yesterday arrested two men, who will appear before Hull magistrates today.

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In response to a public appeal by Superintendent B. Kilvington, head of the Hull CID, tickets believed to forgeries have been handed in by members of the public, and it is confirmed that there are at least three types of forgery in circulation in Hull and Manchester.

The Chief Constable, Mr S. Lawrence, has requested the loan of an extra 50 police from the East Riding to deal with any possible attempts to rush the ground if forgeries are passed successfully and holders of genuine tickets are unable to get in.

Every precaution is being taken to ensure that only holders of genuine tickets pass the turnstiles. The first check will be by a police constable outside the ground, at each of the 30 turnstiles will be an employee of the firm which printed the tickets.

The Chief Constable has also warned people that tickets flourished in the crowd might be snatched.

The whole of the Hull CID will be on duty near the ground and in the city centre watching for people attempting to pass forgeries.

Police and club arrangements for dealing with the crowd are complete. Over 50 policemen will be on duty inside the ground, and, assisted by volunteers from the Supporters’ Club, will begin “packing” the crowd as soon as the gates are opened. Outside, there will be over 120 police, including some mounted men from Bradford, and “walkie-talkie “ apparatus will be in use.

On the railway embankment to the east of the ground, railway police will be on duty, some of them with their Alsatian dogs trained in guard duties, to prevent any rushing of the ground by those who cannot get through the turnstiles.

Motor traffic is to be parked near the ground, and the police have asked local motorists either to leave their cars at home or to park them a considerable distance from the ground.

Corporation trolly-bus services will operate a special service to the ground from 10am and, if necessary, these will be augmented early in the day by buses. A marquee is to be opened on the huge car-park in front of the ground, and Corporation Restaurant officials and workers will serve unlimited quantity tea and light refreshments.