Further 150 Afghan refugees to be housed in Scarborough after 92 were given accommodation in hotels

A further 150 people fleeing Afghanistan are to be housed temporarily in a hotel in Scarborough until permanent accommodation in the UK can be found for them.


It follows 92 people who escaped the country who are currently in a hotel in the seaside town having arrived last month.

Speaking at a meeting of the North Yorkshire County Council Skipton and Ripon Area Committee yesterday (Thursday), Coun David Chance, the county’s executive member for Stronger Communities gave an update on the relocation scheme.

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He said: “As you are probably aware, 92 people were moved into [a] hotel in Scarborough and at the end of this week there will be another 150 people moved into temporary accommodation at another hotel in Scarborough.

“This is temporary accommodation until they move to permanent homes around the UK but as you know, the government has had to move extremely quickly on this so once they get these houses located then they will move these people on but unfortunately we have got to keep them in hotel accommodation for a while.”

Following news of the first arrival of people fleeing the Taliban into Scarborough local charities were overwhelmed with donations from the public to help those who’d had to leave everything behind to come to the UK.

Coun Chance told the committee that following the tragic death of a five-year-old boy who fell from a hotel window in Sheffield last month the chosen hotels in Scarborough had all been checked to ensure safety locks were installed.

He said that, so far, eight families had been found permanent accommodation in North Yorkshire.

Coun Chance added: “The people being welcomed in North Yorkshire have shown great courage in supporting British troops and other personnel in the face of high personal risk.

“So we owe them a debt of gratitude to say the least.”