Grieving mum tells of heartbreak after four-month-old baby survives Covid only to pass away from another respiratory illness

A grieving mum from Bradford has told of her heartbreak after her four-month-old baby survived Covid only to pass away from another respiratory illness a month later.

Logan Evans

Lynne Evans, 41, said doctors didn’t believe that little Logan, who was born with down syndrome and a heart condition, would “pull-through” when he caught the virus.

But his parents were “left shattered” when the tot managed to fight off the deadly illness only to succumb to a lung infection on Wednesday, November 10.

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Lynne, a mum-of-ten, said baby Logan’s passing had been particularly hard on her children.

She said: “It’s been very, very difficult, and we are struggling to try and make it happy for them.”

When Logan was born on July 23 this year, doctors told parents Lynne and Shaun Evans, 40, from Bradford, that his chances of survival were slim.

Alongside Down's Syndrome, which can lead to physical and developmental disabilities, the infant was diagnosed with a heart condition and given just weeks to live.

Miraculously, Logan managed to get through his first few months, and his delighted parents were able to bring him home where they administered oxygen to him on a daily basis.

But on September 7, doctors gave Lynne and her husband the grim news that Logan had now caught Covid-19 and was unlikely to beat the virus.

She said: “When he got Covid, the doctor did say to me he will struggle to survive.

“We didn’t think he would pull through.”

In the weeks that followed, both his parents and medics did everything they could to try save the tiny infant.

To Lynne’s amazement, it was later confirmed that Logan had managed to beat Covid-19 following treatment.

She added: “He was treated with antibiotics, and he got through it.”

However, just a month after contracting the virus, Logan was diagnosed with bronchitis, an infection that causes the main airways of the lungs to become inflamed.

Sadly, Lynne said the little baby, who had fought off one of the deadliest respiratory conditions in Britain today, passed away on November 10 due to the new infection.

She said: “On getting bronchitis, that put too much strain on his heart.”

Since his death, Lynne has been working hard to help her ten children through the grieving process as the festive period approaches.

She added: “We trying to make them aware that even though Logan passed away, he wasn’t in any pain.”

Friends of the family have launched a fundraiser to help them cover little Logan’s funeral cost, and they have so far raised £1,750 of a £3,000 goal.

Visit to donate.