Harrogate war veteran, 95, given first ever trip on an aircraft thanks to Jet2

A World War Two veteran has fulfilled a lifelong dream to step on board an aircraft after being invited to Leeds Bradford Airport by Jet2.

Eddie Morrison with his daughter Edwina Barwick at Leeds Bradford Airport
Eddie Morrison with his daughter Edwina Barwick at Leeds Bradford Airport

The airline arranged for Eddie Morrison, 95, to tour the cockpit and cabin of a Boeing 737-800 after being contacted by his daughter.

Eddie has never flown but has a lifelong passion for aviation and has always wanted to see inside a jet.

Yorkshire grandma, 73, says family doctor's home visit saved her life when she was 25He was shown around the airport before being introduced to Jet2 pilot Captain Martin Beaton and invited to sit in the flight deck.

Eddie in the cockpit with Captain Martin Beaton

“I couldn’t believe it when my daughter told me that she was taking me to Leeds Bradford Airport to step on board an aircraft. I was in complete shock, as I didn’t believe I would ever see inside one. Being shown around the airport, taken on an aircraft, meeting a captain and sitting in the flight deck was more than I could have ever wished for. It is the best Christmas present I have ever received, and I’d like to say thank you to everyone at Jet2," said Eddie.

His daughter Edwina Barwick added:-

“It has been wonderful to see my dad make a dream a reality. He has always been absolutely fascinated by aviation, watching programmes about aircraft and looking to the sky to spot them. All his life he has wanted to see the inside of an aircraft and I have tried to describe what it looks like, but he was unable to visualise this.

“We cannot thank Jet2 enough for arranging this special visit and for making his Christmas wish come true. My dad turned 95 just a few weeks ago, so not only is it an early Christmas present for him it is also a belated birthday gift. To see the smile on my dad’s face was magical and it was a day both of us will never forget.”