Jon Mitchell: ITV Calendar meteorologist retires after more than three decades

ITV’s longest standing weather forecaster is set to retire on Friday (July 29) after more than three decades on screen in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

TV favourite Jon Mitchell who regularly shares viewers photos during his forecasts and has a loyal following of fans, is set to retire after tomorrow night’s show.

Jon, 61, known for his catchphrases “Look up it’s free,” “Enjoy it if you can,” and many more will be missed for his “sunny smile” whatever the weather.

Former ITV Calendar Presenter Christine Talbot who presented alongside Jon before leaving the popular news programme last year shared her fond and funny memories with the star.

"The three amigos" have been constants on TV screens for decades

“We’ve presented in all sorts of weather conditions, gales, snowstorms from the top of the ITV building holding onto straps - probably a health and safety nightmare - and we’ve all presented from bed together.

“It was absolutely so ridiculous I can’t remember why we were doing it now,” said Christine on an exclusive video for The Yorkshire Post.

Christine was part of ITV’s longest standing on-screen presenting partnerships with co-star Duncan Wood who left Calendar in May and together with Jon the trio were dubbed the “three amigos.”

The team were known for their friendly on-air chats and random encounters such as interviewing Jon from inside a cardboard box, or putting a parking ticket on the meteorologist while dressed as a traffic warden.

We will really miss his "sunny smile whatever the weather," says Christine Talbot.

Christine added: “You’re such a true professional, you’re a real proper meteorologist who knows his stuff, we’ve learned a lot from you as well about different types of weather conditions. I can now recognise different types of clouds when I see them in the sky.

“We really are going to miss you with that sunny smile that makes us happy whatever the weather.”

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Calendar girl Christine Talbot moves on to pastures new

Jon, with "no 'h' in Jon" as he would remind viewers wanting to get in touch with him, is the longest serving weather presenter on ITV.

ITV Calendar's Jon Mitchell retires after 33 years

He first appeared on screens in 1989 as a stand-in for the then Yorkshire Television weatherman Bob Rust.

Jon became a regular in 1995 and estimates that in his time with Calendar he has provided around 70,000 forecasts.

He previously told ITV: "It has been an absolute pleasure doing the job that I’m passionate about for so long.

"I’ve worked with some wonderful people and have enjoyed the friendship and good humour of the people of this marvellous region along the way.

Duncan Wood, Christine Talbot and Jon Mitchell prior to them leaving.

"People often ask me what the best part of my job is. It's talking with people that I wouldn't otherwise talk to because they recognise me – I love this because everyone has a story to tell.

"It's also being able to gaze up at the sky and class it as research. I always say to people, 'look up – it's free!'"

He added that people rarely look up.

“It’s a free show, it’s fascinating. But you can’t manufacture catchphrases, they just evolve."

Duncan Wood, Christine Talbot and Jon Mitchell have broadcast together for decades
Jon Mitchell is ITV's longest standing weather presenter
Duncan Wood, Christine Talbot and Jon Mitchell have broadcast many ITV Calendar shows together