Loneliness risk quiz launched for North Yorkshire

A risk test aimed at tackling loneliness before it takes hold has been launched in part of the region.

The elderly are more likely to face loneliness. Picture by PA Archive/PA Images

->Read more - The Yorkshire Post loneliness campaignThe challenge over loneliness affects thousands of people across North Yorkshire, Community First Yorkshire has said, yet there is no easy answer in addressing it.

In the first of its kind initiative aimed at the recently retired or those approaching retirement, the charity has launched a quiz to tackle the issue.

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The goal is to encourage people aged between 50 and 65 to think about their risk of loneliness in later life, amid suggestions on how to stay connected and active.

"Loneliness is not inevitable, and it isn’t the same as being alone," the charity has said. "Feeling lonely from time to time is a normal human emotion.

"However when loneliness isn’t an option, but an ongoing, day to day reality those affected are likely to suffer significant ill health and other negative consequences.

"Knowing your risk level helps you think and plan, enabling you to take small steps towards managing your future mental and physical well-being."

The Yorkshire Post has been campaigning for five years to highlight the issue of loneliness, which can be as damaging to health as smoking 15 cigarettes.

Rising numbers of people are living alone, the charity has said, citing estimates that by 2035, half of all women nearly a third of men aged over 75 will live alone.

The Staying Social, Staying Well quiz, featuring 12 questions as well as ideas, launches today.

To take the quiz visit Staying Social Staying Well