Lord of the Rings-style 'hobbit pods' could be built on holiday park in Yorkshire Wolds village

A holiday park with Lord of the Rings-style ‘hobbit pods’ could be coming to the East Riding.

Three cylindrical pods set in the ground and topped with turf would be installed in a new park off Silver Street in Huggate under plans submitted to East Riding Council.

The plans, from Fretwell’s Planning and Development, stated the High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) pods would be supplied with electricity, plumbing and be furnished with kitchen, bathroom and living facilities.

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The company added the pods would be more environmentally friendly than static caravans which require a concrete base and wildlife habitats could “easily” grow around them.

A view of Huggate between Beverley and Driffield

The pods’ shape and their setting on a curved base dug out of the ground resemble the Middle Earth homes of hobbits in the Lord of the Rings film trilogy.

Plans stated the site would have six parking spaces and would not be visible to Huggate residents, with the nearest public road 138m away.

They added the location and positioning of the pods would give holiday makers commanding views over the surrounding rural landscape.

Company documents stated: “Internally, timber studs are used to form the floor and walls. The structures will arrive on site ready for use including electrics and heating.

“The structure is completely integrated into its surroundings, excess soil from groundwork excavation is then used to back-fill to side walls.

“A soil stabilisation system is fitted over the top of each unit, followed by a covering of soil before turf is applied from ground level up and over the entire structure leaving only windows and doors visible.

“As the site matures, wildlife will flourish, attracting animal and bird species, wildflowers and plants bringing insects.”

Plans stated guests would be able to visit Huggate’s village pub and a recently opened tearoom.

They added they would also be able to take advantage of “several” walking and cycling routes nearby and the park would be within the Yorkshire Wolds.

Neighbouring residents’ homes would likely not be disturbed due to the distance between the site and properties.

Guests were expected to visit in small groups, meaning noise levels would not be above those typical in a village.

Plans stated: “The proposed development is of a high-quality design which would result in a sensitive tourist development that assimilates easily into the landscape.

“The proposal is appropriately scaled and in keeping with the surroundings of the site and would not detract from the character of the area.

“It is respectful of its agricultural surroundings and would protect the integrity of the landscape setting.”