Majority of pet owners prefer animal company to time with their partners

Eighty per cent of Britain's pet owners think their furry friend is 'cuter' than their spouse.

Cats and dogs are more popular than boyfriends and girlfriends among pet owners
Cats and dogs are more popular than boyfriends and girlfriends among pet owners

A survey by Vets Now has found a shocking bias towards animal companions at the expense of close human relatives.

Three-quarters of the 1,000 pet owners who responded to the questionnaire said they would rather cuddle their dog or cat than their partner, and half admitted they would choose to spend a free afternoon with their pet instead of enjoying human company.

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Seventy-five per cent of social media users would prefer to pose for a selfie with their pet than anyone else, and three-fifths spend more cash on their animal than on their spouse.

Furry friends are also a source of comfort following domestic arguments, with two-fifths throwing their other half off the sofa for a comforting cuddle with their pet after a row.

However. many pet owners do draw the line at pets sharing a bed with a couple, with three-quarters saying their partner didn't like it.

Sixty-five per cent do let their canine and feline companions sleep on top of the covers, however, even though two thirds of respondents said their pet snored.

Unsurprisingly, many indulgent owners celebrate their pet's birthday, with 72 per cent spending money on treats and presents.

Richard Dixon chairman of Vets Now said:

“The results of the survey show how a pet can capture a very special place in your heart. If you treat a pet well they will reward you with so much love, warmth and companionship.

“Even the most blissful of relationships can have an off-day, so you can appreciate why people would turn to their pet for some comfort.”