Midwife helps deliver baby in bus stop outside Yorkshire hospital as she prepares to start shift

It was a case of perfect timing for the arrival of a baby boy for a Yorkshire couple - and the arrival of a bus.

Becky with Barnaby in the maternity unit and Philip with his new son where it all unfolded. (Credit: The Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust)

The Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust have shared the story of new parents Becky and Philip who welcomed their son Barnaby Andrew in a bus stop outside Pinderfields Hospital.

And they chose the right spot as no sooner had they settled into the bus stop upon realising they wouldn't make it into the hospital, up pulled a bus and dropped off midwife Saskia Bulmer - ready to start her shift.

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On July 24, Becky's waters started to leak but as her contractions weren't heavy she decided to go to bed. She woke up at 6am the following morning with painful contractions every three minutes and the couple phoned ahead to let the hospital know they were on their way.

As Philip was driving Becky to the hospital, her waters broke and she was in so much pain it took them some time to get out of the car when they finally arrived at 6.50am. As they made their way into the hospital, Becky realised their new son was ready to be born so the pair dived into the bus stop.

And you couldn't time it any better, as Saskia got off her bus and began to help the couple. She told Philip to take his shirt off to wrap the baby up in and a short time later, at 7.05am, Barnaby Andrew was born weighing 8lbs.

Saskia helped the couple to the Maternity unit where Barnaby was placed under a heat lamp to bring him back up to temperature, and by 7.30am it was all over.

The Trust posted on Facebook saying: "Congratulations to Philip and Becky on the birth of Barnaby Andrew. Your birth may not have been as planned, but it will certainly be one to remember!"