'Only my second day in the job and almost my last': Workmates cheat death as tree crashes onto road just inches from their car

A group of workmates had a lucky escape when gale force winds brought a tree crashing down onto a Doncaster road just inches in front of their car.

The tree came crashing down onto the A19 north of Askern. (Photo: Damon Housley).
The tree came crashing down onto the A19 north of Askern. (Photo: Damon Housley).

The trio were travelling along the A19 near Askern yesterday evening when the huge tree fell suddenly crashed onto the road in front of them during stormy weather.

Damon Housley, one of the occupants of the car has spoken of the lucky escape and how the quick reaction of the car's driver averted a potential tragedy.

He said: “It missed our car bonnet by about two metres.

"If the driver hadn't been so alert, it would have crushed all three of us.

He said: “I was shaking like a leaf – excuse the pun. The driver saved our lives.”

Damon, driver Tom Kincell and another colleague were on their way home when the tree crashed onto the road between Askern and Whitley Bridge.

He added: “I don’t even know the other lad properly, just that he’s called Nick. It was only my second day in the job and was almost my last.”

He said the incident happened about two miles north of the railway crossing near to the entrance to Askern.

The road was closed for a time following the incident, with workers from Doncaster Council dispatched to remove the fallen tree from the carriageway.

Britain was battered by torrential rain and winds up to 60mph yesterday, which brought flash flooding to some parts of the country and also brought down trees and power lines.