Peregrine falcon seen with a face mask in its talons on Yorkshire coast

A photographer has taken pictures of a rare bird of prey that had picked up a discarded face mask with its talons.

The falcon had picked up the discarded mask (photo: Steve Shipley)

Steve Shipley, from Driffield, photographed the peregrine falcon on the North Yorkshire coast earlier this month.

He does not wish to disclose the location where he saw the bird, as peregrines are a protected species and are often targeted for persecution.

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The raptor was carrying a PPE-style disposable face mask that had been discarded as litter.

A peregrine falcon carrying a face mask in its talons (photo: Steve Shipley)

Face mask wearers have been warned to safely dispose of unwanted PPE in bins and not to leave them anywhere where another person may come into contact with the item.

Steve is an accomplished wildlife and pet photographer whose work can be viewed on his Facebook page here.