Photos reveal terrifying moment Yorkshire cyclist was sent flying into the air after 'car went wrong way round roundabout'

Jack Schofield was lucky to escape with his life after colliding with a car which appeared to cut straight across a mini roundabout and wipe the 27-year-old out.

The shocking photos show the moments after the cyclist appeared to be knocked off his bike by a car

Photos of the incident show Jack, from Leeds, being sent into the air along with his bike, which he says is now “trashed” after the crash on Thursday.

Thankfully, he avoided any serious injuries, but was left extremely bruised and shaken by the incident, which took place in Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Leicestershire.

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The photographer and long-distance triathlete is hoping his lucky escape can help warn other drivers to drive carefully when cyclists are near.

Jack Schofield wants to ensure motorists drive carefully around cyclists by releasing the photos

He said: “I’m really lucky, it’s phenomenal I wasn’t more injured.

“95% of the time the outcome is the cyclist doesn’t walk away, but I think I’ve broken my toe and that’s about it.

“There was a mini roundabout – one of the painted ones.

“I’m coming in to turn right and the car is coming from my left.

Jack spent five hours in hospital following the incident - but luckily there was no lasting damage.

“But rather than letting me go or going around the driver has come the wrong way and drove straight into me.

“We crashed head on.

“She’s treated it as though there was no roundabout.”

Jack was able to get back up and sit down nearby to catch his breath, with witnesses soon crowding round to check his condition.

Jack says he was very lucky not to be more injured.

An ambulance was called, and he spent five hours at Queens Hospital in Burton-on-Trent.

“The photos are grabbing, and I want drivers to see and think before they cut a corner or overtake a cyclist,” he said.

“If can get one person to think twice about cutting a roundabout that’s a success.

“I’ve had friends who aren’t that lucky – as a cyclist you’re just so vulnerable.

“I’m incredibly sore, bruised and shaken - but luckily there was no lasting damage.

“I’m so immensely lucky to have walked away with nothing broken - there are countless scenarios where people barely walk away or come off much worse than me.”