Plans for 'uncompromisingly modern' new home with pool and gym refused in 'charming backwater' hamlet near Bradford

An application to build an “uncompromisingly modern” house at a hamlet near Baildon has been refused.

An area of scrub-land off Tong Park Road was the subject of a planning application submitted by a Mr Warden earlier this year. If approved, a modern five bedroom home that would include a swimming pool and gym would be built on the land.

But the application was refused by Bradford Council last month.

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Tong Park includes several buildings that date back to the Victorian period that planning officers described as a “charming backwater.”

The hamlet of Tong Park

They added: “This new proposal for a single house is disrespectful of its surroundings and not in keeping with the character of this unique locality.

“The proposed dwelling would, by reason of its uncompromisingly modern design, massing, bulk and overall appearance, be an inappropriate form of development, out of keeping with the immediate context of Tong Park - a semi- rural, organic cluster of buildings and features that dates back to the Victorian era.

“Its design would neither complement nor integrate with the local context, rather it would appear as an intrusive and discordant feature, detrimental to visual amenity and local distinctiveness.

“Such effects would be further exacerbated by the prominent corner position of the plot, being highly visible from vantage points along Tong Park Street.”