Quiz of the week: Test your knowledge of this week's headline makers?

From trains to literary pains and the Sacha Baron Cohen effect - how much do you remember of the last seven days?

It wasn't filmed there, but Sacha Baron Cohen's new film is set in which northern town? .

1. Which Yorkshire author took a stand this week by pulling out of literary festival after organisers demanded free copies of her book and a six week exclusivity clause in return for a fee of just £50.

a) David Peace

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b) Philippa Gregory

c) Joanne Harris

d) Barbara Taylor Bradford

2. Which northern town has found itself in a slightly unfortunate spotlight thanks to a film starring Sacha Baron Cohen?

a) Grimsby

b) Scunthorpe

c) Macclesfield

d) Doncaster

3. New research this week showed there has been a drop in the number of teenage girls who smoke following the smoking ban, but how many young people are still taking up the habit each year?

a) 50,000

b) 100,000

c) 150,000

d) 200,000

4. Adele may have made history by winning four awards at this year’s Brits, but who stole the show with a rendition of Life on Mars in tribute to the late David Bowie?

a) Ellie Goulding

b) Madonna

c) Annie Lennox

d) Lorde

5. The London Stock Exchange announced it was in merger talks with a rival organisation in which country?

a) Germany

b) France

c) America

d) Japan

6. The Prince of Wales this week launched an ambitious £1m appeal to help save rare what?

a) Trees

b) Books

c) Butterflies

d) Maps

7. Following a major renovation, Flying Scotsman made its inaugural journey from London’s King’s Cross to York this week, but what brought the iconic locomotive to a temporary halt as it passed through St Neots?

a) Snow

b) Leaves

c) Trainspotters

d) Flood water

8. Plans are currently underway to redraw the electoral map of England, but according to a report by the Boundary Commission how many of Yorkshire’s 54 seats will be lost under the plans?

a) Four

b) Five

c) Six

d) Seven

9. Monday should see a rash for proposals from women seizing on the romantic associations of February 29, but which of these was not a leap year?

a) 2020

b) 2024

c) 2030

d) 2200

10. Questions over Jeremy Corbyn’s wardrobe aside, much of the debate in the House of Commons this week has focused on Europe. But how many backbenchers grilled the Prime Minister about the forthcoming referendum?

a) 13

b) 23

c) 103

d) 113