Scarborough Lighthouse and part of pier closed off after pane of glass slips in lamp room

Scarborough Council says that repairs are due to be made to the town’s lighthouse today after a fault was noticed over the weekend.

The building on Vincent Pier has been closed since Sunday after a pane of glass at the top of the structure slipped, which could have posed a danger to anyone passing below it.

The bridge leading to the lighthouse was left raised to stop people from accessing the building.

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A spokesman for Scarborough Council, which owns and operates the lighthouse, said: “A pane of glass in the lamp room came loose so as a precaution we closed the end of the pier off yesterday pending replacement of the pane.

Scarborough Lighthouse

“The replacement is happening today and once work is finished the area will be made accessible again.”

The lighthouse dates from 1806 but was rebuilt after it was damaged in the German bombardment of the town in 1914.