Six heroes awarded for bravery after saving life of unconscious Leeds man

The award winners who saved the life of a Leeds man (Photo: NYP)
The award winners who saved the life of a Leeds man (Photo: NYP)
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Six heroes who saved the life of a Leeds man have been awarded Royal Humane Society (RHS) certificates for their bravery.

The four police officers and two members of the public were presented with the resuscitation certificates on Wednesday, after their actions saved the life of Bill Renton when he collapsed in Scarborough.

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Mr Renton, who is from Leeds, was shopping with his wife at the Brunswick Centre on June 15 last year when he fell unconscious and stopped breathing.

A staff member at the Brunswick Centre, Ben Lacey, rushed to Mr Renton's aid, putting him in the recovery position and shouting for help.

North Yorkshire Police Community Support Officer, Barry Dolan, was on foot patrol in the town centre and immediately offered his assistance, starting CPR and requesting a defibrillator.

Another Brunswick Centre staff member, Josh Waterman, located the nearest defibrillator and administered the shock to Mr Renton.

Police officers William Knapp, Danielle Vidler and Kirsty Forth also rushed to help, continuing resuscitation under the guidance of Josh Waterman.

As a result of their effects, thankfully Mr Renton regained consciousness and was taken to Scarborough Hospital by ambulance.

He underwent heart surgery and has since made a fully recovery.

Staff at Scarborough Hospital said that without the work of the six brave individuals, it is very unlikely that Mr Renton would have survived.

On Wednesday, the six heroes met with Mr Renton and were presented with the awards by North Yorkshire Police Chief Constable, Lisa Windward.

She said: “We are so proud of the actions taken by our officers and members of the public which resulted in Mr Renton’s life being saved and would like to praise everyone involved.

“Once again, this shows how important defibrillators are and I would encourage everyone to find out where your nearest defibrillator is located as you never know when this information might save someone’s life.”

Mr Renton expressed his gratitude to those who saved his life.

He said: “They did the most brilliant job and I am so very grateful to these six people without whom I would not be standing here today.”

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