South Yorkshire Police officer goes running to the rescue of vulnerable man trapped in his home for 23 hours after fall

A Yorkshire police officer who ran to help a man trapped in his home for 23 hours after a fall has been thanked by his family for saving his life.

Acting Sergeant Michael Plant (top left) ran to the property to help the stricken man

Acting Sergeant Michael Plant, of South Yorkshire Police, had just returned to the station in Rawmarsh, Rotherham, when the force took a call reporting a concern for the safety of a man who lived in nearby Barber's Crescent.

AS Plant decided it would be quicker to get there on foot and set off running to the house, where he found the doors locked, and a vulnerable man in his 60s, seemingly unresponsive. As he checked the building, concerned family members gathered outside expecting the worst.

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Other officers arrived at the scene shortly alongside the fire service who helped them get inside, where they found the man had fallen and been stuck for almost 24 hours.

AS Plant said: "When the call came over the radio I immediately recognised the address. It’s only round the corner from the station. There’s no time to waste in these situations so I set off running.

“I was first on the scene, although I was joined shortly afterwards by my fellow officers and colleagues from the fire service. It really was a great team effort.

“I would like to applaud the quick-thinking actions of the man’s family, who reported their concerns and gave us the opportunity to respond in time. Often these situations can have a tragic outcome, which is heart-breaking for all involved, so it’s wonderful to see such a positive result.”

A family member at the scene said: “Within minutes of me calling the police I saw an officer running down the road towards me. I couldn’t believe how fast the police had responded.

“We thought something really awful had happened. It’s completely out of character for him not to answer, so I knew something was wrong. I cannot express how grateful I am for the officers who made sure he was OK. Without their help, we don’t know what would have happened.

“Even after they saved him, they stayed to make sure we were all OK and we knew where to go for support and safeguarding advice. We’re so grateful.”