This is the incredible moment a brave Yorkshire child waiting for a heart donation met her hero Lewis Capaldi backstage

Lewis Capaldi and Thalia-Beau Wright
Lewis Capaldi and Thalia-Beau Wright
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This is the heartwarming moment a Yorkshire child waiting for a heart donation met her hero Lewis Capaldi backstage at his Scarborough show.

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Lewis Capaldi and the family.

Lewis Capaldi and the family.

Four-year-old Thalia-Beau Wright, from Scarborough, was diagnosed with restrictive cardiomyopathy at Leeds General Infirmary in December last year after battling with a persistent cough.

Doctors in Scarborough had been due to discharge Thalia but she was rushed by ambulance to the LGI when a cardiologist discovered that her heart was enlarged.

There is no cure or treatment for restrictive cardiomyopathy - a rare form of heart muscle disease that is characterized by restrictive filling of the ventricles.

Thalia - who has a large following on social media - longed to be able to meet her favourite singer.



When Lewis Capaldi arrived in Scarborough for an open-air show, her dream finally came true and she was able to meet the star backstage with her mother Ellie-Mae and grandmother.

Thalia's grandmother Christine Johnson said: "Thalia loves him.

"I had tried for so long on social media (to ask him) and got nowhere, I went to the open air theatre and just asked, low and behold he said yes.

"Then he invited us to to his show backstage.

"He is simply amazing and has the most beautiful heart."

Thalia's mother said she had an incredible time singing and dancing to all of the famous singer's songs.

Recently, Thalia underwent a heart transplant assessment at The Freeman Hospital in Newcastle and the outcome is that Thalia can't be listed for a heart transplant just yet as the pressures in her little lungs are too high.

The four-year-old will start school next month while the family are "trying to keep Thalia's little life as 'normal' as possible."

Today is the first day of Organ Donation Week - a week of activity to shine a light on the generosity of donors and the incredible impact they have on transplant recipients, and an opportunity to educate, inform and inspire people, to help save and improve more lives.

Thalia is now under the care of Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Follow Thalia’s journey on Instagram @thaliaslittleheart or search Thalia's Beautiful Little Heart on Facebook.

Anyone who wishes to be an organ donor can register online here.